Meet the Team!

Name: Joseph Hamm
Bio: Alfred Hitchcock stole every idea I ever had. Twitter: @josephhamm
Favourite System Ever: DS/SNES (I’m conflicted)
Top 5 Games:
1. Pokemon Red/Blue
2. Super Mario World
3. Tetris
4. Super Mario Galaxy 1/2
5. Portal or Animal Crossing

Name: Leon
Bio: A Londoner with a passion for games with unique gameplay styles and riveting stories.
Favourite System Ever: PC
Top 5 Games:
1. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations
2. Broken Sword
3. Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
4. Tetris
5. Imperishable Night

Name: William Critchlow
Bio: Blahblah blahblah
Favourite System Ever: Gameboy
Top 5 Games:
1. Pokemon HeartGold
2. Pokemon Emerald
3. Golden Sun
4. Pokemon Black
5. Age of Empires III

Name: Milo Mordaunt
Bio: Indie games obsessed, lover of Nintendo. Interested in how the medium is expanding, uninterested in how Call Of Duty still exists, new ways of neck-stabbing etc etc.
Favourite System Ever: Gamecube (mainly because of the boot-up splash)
Top 5 Games:
1. Zelda: Windwaker
2. Portal
3. Okami
4. Myst
5. Braid

Work in progress…