Molyneux’s Curiosity Dated For August 22

Peter Molyneux’s first game since leaving Microsoft Game Studios for 22 cans has been dated for August 22. The experimental title is called Curiosity and will be released on iOS, Android and PC. It sees players digging at a massive cube which is made of 60 million little cubes with only one player being able to access whatever turns out to be at its core. The game will support 1 million players at a time and, perhaps controversially, micro-transactions; with standard pickaxes being available for 50 cents and diamond ones available for $50,000.

What could be at its core? Molyneux said, perhaps knowingly, during a presentation at Rezzed in Brighton that it “is so valuable, and so life-changingly important.” He also went on to claim that “It’s so amazing I think it will appear on news reports.”


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