One To Watch: Reset

The debut of a small, indie, studio based in FInland, Theory Interactive, comes the intriguing Reset.

With a team of only two you might expect the game to have corners cut in all the usual places, ie: graphics. Well….

All of that was in game footage of their custom built engine, Praxis. ‘No rezzed up textures, what you see is what you’ll get’, as Theory informs us. ‘Except hopefully a little bit better’.

Judging by the trailer, the atmosphere created by this game will be a pretty stellar one, with a fantastic art direction and a potent musical score.

Not too much is known about the game-play itself, they are still in pre-alpha so everything is in flux, but we do know it’s principle game mechanic: Single player coop.

Made possible through the wonders of time travel.

Sure, it’s been touched on before (*cough* Braid *cough*) but you can’t deny that it still sounds pretty awesome.

Release probably won’t be for a while, it’s a two man team, here’s hoping it gets completed, and that I have a slightly better computer by then.

Follow the project here:


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2 Responses to One To Watch: Reset

  1. Yirba says:

    Looks pretty.
    Of course, it’s difficult to judge a game simply based on what has been released. But it’s certainly interesting.

    • bananaoomarang says:

      Yeah, I know it’s still too early to tell, but this game feels special to me, iI think the trailer shows some artistic taste on their part.

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