New Final Fantasy VII PC port announced

The previously-leaked announcement of a new PC port of legendary RPG Final Fantasy VII has been made public.

The official website for the port went up two weeks ago. This was assumed to be an error on the part of developer Square Enix who soon took down the website. Today however, the website is back online.

Unlike the PC port released in 1998, this new version includes additional features, such as 36 achievements, a “Character Booster” which seemingly allows you to fill your HP, MP and Gil to maximum if you get stuck, as well as the ability to keep save files stored online, so you can continue where you left off, even if you’re using a different computer.

Although it has not been confirmed, it is likely that this release will fix bugs present in the original PC port. No word has been given on whether the graphics will be upscaled.

With fans still clamoring for a complete remake of the game, it would appear that Square Enix are trying to satisfy their demands, if only partially.

Update: The Square Enix Store website indicates that this new port of Final Fantasy VII will be available as a download only and will not be available in physical form.

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