AX2012 roundup

This year’s Anime Expo was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center over the weekend. Although primarily an event surrounding the anime fandom, it is also attended by a number of video game publishers.

The first such game publisher to hold a panel at the expo this year was JAST USA. Having just released School Days HQ a few days prior, their focus is now to work on English language releases for the six games from developer Nitroplus which had been previously announced.

Trample on Schatten!!

The publisher announced a new PC title, Trample on Schatten!! from developer Tail Wind, about a group of seemingly-ordinary people gifted with superpowers tasked with vanquishing evil. Despite being previously released in North America in Japanese, JAST USA’s version will be fully translated in English along with additional content from the Revolution+ version.

Also announced was a limited reprint of JAST USA Memorial Collection, a compilation of MS-DOS era games ported to Windows. The original release was not compatible with recent versions of Windows, however this has been fixed with the reprint. On top of the three games from the original Memorial Collection, the new version includes two additional games, and all five games have been given improved visuals and music, as well as new modes.

The next publisher to hold a panel was Aksys. With the upcoming release of Chunsoft’s Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita adventure game Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, the publisher announced that the previous game in the series, 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors for Nintendo DS, would receive a rebranding in the form of new cover art displaying the series’s name. Aksys are looking to provide the new cover art as a PDF download, for those who already own the game.

Zero Escape Adventure: Virtue’s Last Reward

As for Virtue’s Last Reward itself, to be released in North America this Autumn, Aksys confirmed that both Japanese and English voices will be available, and that the OVA for the game will also be dubbed and released for free on their website. As a bonus to those who preorder the game, wristwatches modelled after those seen in the game will be available to those people.

In response to a question from a fan, the publisher said that while there are no concrete plans to do so, they are hoping to release the Nintendo DS games they have published as eShop downloads for Nintendo 3DS in future.

Fate/Extra CCC

Aksys also showed interested in releasing PSP game Fate/Extra CCC, the sequel to Type-Moon’s 2010 RPG Fate/Extra. Since the original’s sales met their expectations, the publisher is hoping to release the sequel as well.

Also present at Anime Expo were NIS America. Apart from discussing their upcoming games, they also announced a free iOS game, Character Chowdown, designed to help players learn Japanese. Featuring a character with a hunger (literally) for hiragana, katakana and kanji, it will also include characters from the Disgaea series.

The final video game publisher to hold a panel at this year’s Anime Expo was MangaGamer. As well as announcing a 27th July release date for Minori’s ef – the first tale., and giving progress updates on their other upcoming titles, they also revealed their partnership with developer Softhouse Seal, which will see five of their games released in English.

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